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Beiträge: 3.176

16.08.2005 07:18
Earthquake again antworten

Hi Rodorinx and Estrellitan,

Heard there was an earthquake 6.8 in the North of Japan which you couls also feel in Tokyo.
Hope everything's all right with you, your family and Estrella!


Estrellitan ( Gast )

27.11.2005 00:37
#2 RE: Earthquake again antworten

Hi, Andreas!
Our history shows many big earthquakes have damaged us. The Kawasaki's plant
near Kobe was damaged in '95 by the biggest one. (At that time what the production of Estrella was going on? I don't know.) Recently in world wide,
many people face with a big damage of them specially in Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan etc... In Japan we're very concerned with the next one: when? where? but I think we have more problem in Japan. It means more than 50 of nuclear power generation plants now we have. Japanese engineers may have confident of technical power against earthquake, but it's true we have to wait for the result. I hope good one.

Thank you.

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