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 Introducing Myself
LadyEstrellaLebanon Offline


Beiträge: 2

26.11.2011 19:53
Hii From Beirut-lebanon antworten

Hi everybody in this forum,
I am Suzan from Beirut-Lebanon, beautiful country of the Middle East...I am a new rider, and I just bought myself an Estrella BJ250-D5 model 2000, and I am in love with it.It's a piece of art...and so easy to handle...can't wait to be going on long rides along with my husband and other rider friends. Streets and mainly riding in Beirut is quite a challenge, roads though beautiful in the mountains with hard curves and turns, still, we suffer a bit from chaotic driving, no responsibility or ethics...sometimes,,,so vigelance and awareness should be practiced at all times.
Will be posting some pictures some time soon if I am allowed here.
Until then, have a nice evening

Cadfael Offline


Beiträge: 3.176

26.11.2011 21:08
#2 RE: Hii From Beirut-lebanon antworten

Hi Suzan,

ly welcomed to the forum!
I deleted one of your threads because it was a double-post.
You were to fast in clicking for the Estrella forum!

I have never been to the Lebanon, but I once saw "lights in the Lebanon" when I was on holiday in Israel 33 years ago and my guest father took me onto the roof of the (high) house. When you talk about the traffic in the Lebanon, Israel and Lebanon seem to have at least one common problem! You say nearly exactly the same as my guest father 33 years ago.

Well, I think in crowded cities like Beirut, the Estrella is an excellent bike and much better to ride than a "modern sports bike".

Have a lot of fun here!

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