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16.10.2005 07:48
Images in the Forum Thread geschlossen
How can I put my images into the forum?

You first have to have space on the internet.
If you don't have your own webspace (for instance by your provider), you can upload your images onto other COST FREE servers! For instance

Remember the place on your hard disk where the photo is.
Go to (or other providers), tell the name of the image and where it is and host the image on the internet server.

Then the address of the image is given to you.
At you have several opportunities.
- if it's a large image (bigger than 640x480) please use the "Thumbnail for forum (1)" address. This is NO MUST but some forum members still use slow speed modems!

- if the image is about 640x480 (or smaller), you can use "Hotlink for Forums (1)" or "Direct link to image".

Press the left mouse button and scroll over the address shown to mark it. With crtl+C you can copy the address into your message in the forum. You maybe open a text editor first and fill in the coppied address with crtl+V before going to the BJ250 Forum. Then you can copy the image address again later ...

In the FORUM
you open a message window and write your text.
Now you can fill in the image address "Thumbnail for forum (1)" or "Hotlink for forum (1)" with ctrl+V.
Another opportunity is to click onto the "Image Button" above (looks like a red envelope) and fill in the "Direct link to image" between the first (img) bracket and the second (/img).

Click onto "Voransicht" (which means "pre-view") to see if it worke.

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