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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
Sanglasmick Offline


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08.02.2015 21:00
Carburettor Jet sizes and needle height. Antworten

Hi all,

I'm new here. I live in Wexford Ireland. I have a 1996 Estrella that somebody has been messing with.

Can anybody tell me the original main jet and pilot jet sizes, and also what slot is the needle clip in, as standard? I can't find this info anywhere.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, Mick.

Scharlachdorn Offline


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09.02.2015 22:23
#2 RE: Carburettor Jet sizes and needle height. Antworten

Hello Mick,

in case your Estrella is still equipped with its original foam air filter including rubber air intake duct in the airbox (have a look here: the recommended main jet is 130. With this one you'll always be on the safe side. One can order such material via CMSNL but aftermarket is much cheeper: (

The needle height normally cannot be 'adjusted' on the original CVK34. It's hold in position be means of a little plate which is fixed at the neddle end.

In case you want to remove the rubber air intake duct, main jet size should be 145 or higher.

As you may have the carb opened anyway: Replacing the original 35 idle jet with size 40 will result in much more stable idle running + better (cold) starting behaviour + reduced tendency for blockage following longer period of storage.



Head of Estrella Engineering Dept. :-)

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Der Laminator und Sattel-Max

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09.02.2015 22:37
#3 RE: Carburettor Jet sizes and needle height. Antworten

Head of Estrella Engineering Dept.

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19.05.2015 12:22
#4 RE: Carburettor Jet sizes and needle height. Antworten

Hello from south france!!!

i've bought 6sigma jet kit it's absolutly satisfying for 54.11€ with stock silencer but with special mixing chamber

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