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King Kong ( Gast )

12.12.2005 10:09
King Kong Antworten

Hey any one seen King Kong yet? I think the Berlin premier has just been or is showing soon.

The movie was shot here in Wellington. Peter Jackson the director is a local boy.

The New York scenes were built on a site 5 minutes form here.

Have a great week.


Cadfael Offline


Beiträge: 3.395

12.12.2005 11:42
#2 RE: King Kong Antworten
Hi Claire,

is "King Kong" your new nickname?
You weren't logged in and signed with "King Kong"!
Shouldn't it be "Queen Kong"?

We of cause had a lot of trailers and advertisement (VW) on TV.
Yesterday a "making of". Think they only said NZ, but not where.

Hope, King Kong didn't see Hubert!
You might have got into troubles if Kong had fallen in love with him instead of the White Woman.


Claire Offline


Beiträge: 71

13.12.2005 09:36
#3 RE: King Kong Antworten


Ops sorry about the name confusion, although I do quite like the idea of "Queen Kong", it demands some respect I feel.

Hope you enjoy the movie made right here in "Wellywood".


Kiwis can fly!

Cadfael Offline


Beiträge: 3.395

13.12.2005 20:29
#4 RE: King Kong Antworten

Hi Claire,

well; I'll say Kiwiwood!

I like the name Wellington.
Reminds me of the Vickers Wellington (still like the shape) and of Lord Wellington. In the Hawkstone Park (my favourite place in England) is the small White Tower on a hill. When you look into the tower, you see Lord Wellington discussing with Lord Hawkstone about the battle of Waterloo.

By the way; in Germany some people still use a saying of Lord Wellington! Don't know if the re-translation is correct. "I wished it was night or the Prussians came." Well; the Prussians came ...


ralfdieter34 Offline


Beiträge: 19

21.02.2019 11:53
#5 RE: King Kong Antworten

no, not even but would like to

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