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bma3008 Offline


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10.09.2019 06:25
Front brake master cylinder replacement set Antworten

Hello everyone,
My BJ250 front disk brake is not working anymore. Mechanics over here have checked it. Apparently there is an issue with the master cylinder that need to be replaced.
I've searched online and found this set :
Unfortunately it is currently out of stock
I would appreciate if someone could give my a lead on other options (new or used parts)
Best wishes

PS: Don't be fooled by the W250 newly added sticker. The bike is indeed a 1999 model

Anton Vitis Offline


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29.05.2020 13:59
#2 RE: Front brake master cylinder replacement set Antworten

i cannot remember the diameter of the brake pump
BUT you can check it on the manual.

What you can do is buy a replacement rubber kit for this pump and replace it,
or change with a pump of similar diameter from any bike(not just kawasaki)

remember that if you use a slightly smaller diameter you will have more rapid response but less power, or a bigger one a bit more sluggish response but more stoppage power.

You can get replacement rubber at any kawasaki store or any shop that does hydraulics

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