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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
nofacemonster Offline


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06.01.2020 13:01
Fuel petcock question Antworten

After so many years I am back again with a second hand Estrella 250. I can't remember if Estrella's have a vacuum activated fuel petcock, the one I bought has one but there is no vacuum connection from manifold going into the petcock. I have a feeling that it is not the Fuel petcock that supposed to be in Estrella. So currently my bike runs on the PRI mode. The ON and RESERVE parts don't work because there is no way to provide a vacuum to activate the petcock. Can someone please tell me if the stock petcock is vacuum activated or not.

If this is not the original petcock, I am planning on buying one off the eBay for my Estrella so RES and ON modes will work. Any idea which one I should buy for it?

Scharlachdorn Offline


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06.01.2020 15:47
#2 RE: Fuel petcock question Antworten

Dear Nofacemonster,

This one will fit with vacuum connection on carb blanked off.

Rubber seal of above fails quickly and can be replaced with quality:



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08.02.2020 14:45
#3 RE: Fuel petcock question Antworten

Thank you for the reply.

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08.02.2020 14:46
#4 RE: Fuel petcock question Antworten

Is there any possibility of finding the user manual or service manual of the bike? german version is fine in pdf format. Thanks a lot!

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