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 Introducing Myself
Anton Vitis Offline


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21.04.2020 13:26
Anton Antworten

Hello everyone

I am Anton, an old biker (but with a young heart!!)

I own several bikes, and a cute Estrella among them...
My hobbies are ...motorbikes, rock music! (how original)
My garage is full of spanners and tools, my hands are usually greasy, but my soul is pure.

Keep riding.

Cadfael Offline


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21.04.2020 13:29
#2 RE: Anton Antworten

Hi Anton,

welcome to our little forum!
Hope you have a lot of fun here!

Soulie Offline

Der Laminator und Sattel-Max

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22.04.2020 17:52
#3 RE: Anton Antworten

Hi Anton and welcome here.

I share your hobbies except for the beer, since my doctor told me to keep off it. The liver ...
I still like it though.
Where do you live?
Which other bikes do you have?


Anton Vitis Offline


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22.05.2020 20:03
#4 RE: Anton Antworten

I live in a suburb of Athens

I am into IT of Finance and Banking.

I have a diverse fleet of bikes...

from a 6 cylinder Honda CBX, to a couple of 2-stroke Vespas...

a GPz, a Horex, two Moto Guzzi's, 3 RM motocross bike...

I like to restore things with my hands...

I have had the Estrella for many years but it has been sitting for 15 years...

Finally it is out for spring...all new...
it is a black/red C model, just fitted new chain and sprockets (a little longer too) and new springs and coils on the suspension....

Drives like a dream...

i will try to post a photo if i can make it..

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