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 Introducing Myself
axel.johnson Offline


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31.10.2020 23:48
Hi! Antworten

Good afternoon, my name is Axel, I'm from Bolivia, recently, due to things in life, I saw a motorcycle for sale that turned out to be very attractive. So after reaching an agreement on the price I bought it, the motorcycle is year 1996 BJ250D I have already been reading a lot and doing some other repairs, for example I recently disassembled the tank and the carburetor. Well, in short, that is part of another topic, I put some photos of my little motorcycle. It is a pleasure to drive, apart from that I have a BMW and the difference is abysmal.

Please I hope there are no bad translations, I do them with google.

Attach pictures of my bike.


Angefügte Bilder:
Kawasaki Estrella Odometer.jpeg   Kawasaki Estrella.jpeg  
Lambrella Offline


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01.11.2020 08:49
#2 RE: Hi! Antworten

Welcome here, Axel,
That one looks good! We don’t have the D-model in Germany. I really like the front mudguard and the backseat, of course.
Have a good ride

Cadfael Offline


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01.11.2020 19:47
#3 RE: Hi! Antworten

Hi Axel!

We already know each other from emails.
I am Andreas.
Have a lot of fun with your Estrella!

Oh, yes! Best tyres for the Estrella are the BT45! They look modern but they are save in all weather conditions.

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