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training wheels Offline


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22.11.2020 00:22
carburettor main needle Antworten

Hi! I want to restore the original Keihin carb, which includes for me changing the main needle. The code of which is "N96R". I find some restoring packs, but none includes it. Also, there is a production discontinue from Kawasaki. So it's the only thing missing. I've already done some search without any luck so far.

Does anyone have a clue of where I can find one? Ideally, I could do with a bit thicker and/or longer one. The same carb is also placed in some other models, but they don't share the same needle (and settings in general).

I know that there are options of replacing the carb with a new one, I have bought an extra and it works fine. But I would also like to restore the old.

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Gestern 14:30
#2 RE: carburettor main needle Antworten

Hello, I am in the same as you after searching I found this page where I have already bought many parts for my motorcycle.


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