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 Introducing Myself
Daniel Offline


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30.01.2006 22:08
Hello everyone! Antworten


I am very pleased to have found this site. I really like the way it looks and that it contains so much useful information about one of my favourite things in the world: my Kawasaki Estrella.
Before I start talking about my bike, I'd like to introduce myself.
My name is Daniel, I'm from Sweden but I am studying at the university of Wales in Aberystwyth which is in the Northwestern part of Wales. Sadly, I couldn't bring my Estrella from Sweden. A trip to Wales would be a bit too long for my Estrella I am afraid. But I'll most surely be riding a lot when I come to Sweden in april.

My Estrella is a 96' BJ-250C1, it was imported from Germany by the former owner, which is a true Harley Davidson biker. When he was looking for another bike in Germany he saw the Estrella and he couldn't resist it so he bought it. I couldn't resist it either the first time I saw it. It was in perfect condition, and it had a very low mileage. It is a truly unique motorcycle in Sweden, I have only seen one other on a bike-meet in my howntown.

I'd like to thank the creator of this website for doing all this job. It is truly appreciated!


Cadfael Offline


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30.01.2006 22:18
#2 RE: Hello everyone! Antworten

Hello Daniel,

a ly welcome to our forum!

I know Aberythwyth! I'm a great fan of the English Shropshire and have been there 5 times (3 times by motorbike). Shropshire and Wales are great biking areas!

Here you find something about my tours through England, Wales and the IOM.

Very funny! I received an email from another Swedish biker this morning, who wanted to buy an Estrella. He spoke of two Estrellas he had seen in Swedish adds.

I hope you have a wonderful time in our forum and that it will shorten the time a bit until you see and ride your "Little Star" again in Sweden.


Claire Offline


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31.01.2006 21:26
#3 RE: Hello everyone! Antworten

Hi Daniel and welcome

It was intersting reading how your Estrella came to be in your possession. It is a very similar story to mine.

Hubert, my estrella was brought to New Zealand by a german chap to came to live here. He hardly ever rode it and when I bought it it had less than 3500kms on the clock. Hubert is a big hit here as he is like nothing else on the road, and I must say Harley riders always comment on how cool he is. I don't think they realsie he is a 250cc.

Hope you enjoy the site, there is heaps of fantastic info here, a real credit to Cadfael.



Kiwis can fly!

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