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nanardos ( Gast )

23.04.2006 23:59
easy automatic translation ! Antworten

Here is an address of a site that you can use for
automatic translation:

1. you type / paste the text you want to translate
2. select the language from / to which you want to translate
3. press the red button at the bottom
4. read the translated text in the blue rectangle above

The translation is not perfect but it can be very helpful
to translate and understand the german text on this site.

Cadfael Offline


Beiträge: 3.395

24.04.2006 00:08
#2 RE: easy automatic translation ! Antworten

Hello Nanardos,

here is a thread from "Fundstücke" ("Lost Property" - but also means "things that we found on the internet") which might be interreting for you to translate. You know why ...


nanardos ( Gast )

24.04.2006 00:36
#3 RE: easy automatic translation ! Antworten

Sie haben absolut recht !

(I love this funny translator...)

Claire Offline


Beiträge: 71

24.04.2006 07:46
#4 RE: easy automatic translation ! Antworten


I sometimes use the Google translater when I need a good laugh. I try to read what you guys in the German site are saying and it is completely mad, or maybe you are!!

Gooding Bye Bye for now me thinkiths.

Biking many happy happy ridings oh Europeans.

Down Under Cheerio
Kiwis can fly!

kawashima Offline


Beiträge: 4

24.04.2006 16:18
#5 RE: easy automatic translation ! Antworten

Dünnling Offline


Beiträge: 519

25.04.2006 13:00
#6 RE: easy automatic translation ! Antworten

It makes sure that the cable is not gotten jammed by the side stand switch!

Should mean: Make sure, that the side stand switch cable won't get jammed.

I love these Translators.

I tried quite a lot of these translators by translating back & forth. Funny. There is one wich is capable of Korean. After a few Translations there are a lot of "Hund" (=dog) in the text, although i did'nt type of any carnivores...

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