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 Introducing Myself
Cadfael Offline


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09.06.2006 08:12
Welcome England Antworten
Hello Jon,

welcome to the Estrella Forum!

Here is the photo of your Estrella for the other members.
Surely the oldest Estrella in our forum with an ID number under 4000!

I cross my fingers for the English football team!

Claire Offline


Beiträge: 71

09.06.2006 09:44
#2 RE: Welcome England Antworten

Welcome Jon

What a wee beauty of a bike. How long have you owned it?


Kiwis can fly!

jonboylizard Offline


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23.06.2006 08:13
#3 RE: Welcome England Antworten

Hi Everybody,
sorry i havent answered sooner-still finding my way round the site! I and bought the Estrella on my birthday at the beginning of June this year,I saw the bike advertised and couldnt resist the temptation of buying it.It was imported new into the UK in 1996 from a private buyer who rode it a few times-only in dry weather which in England is as rare as the bike ! It was then tested in 1999 (MOT test for road worthyness)and has done 20 miles since 1999 ! The total kilometres the bike has travelled in its life is 2500-thats 2500 kms since NEW!!!
I think this bike is going to be a collectors item in the future as its a rare and beatiful find.
Bye for now.

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