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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
chief ( Gast )

26.07.2006 14:21
Estrella oil filter Antworten

I have not diassembled my engine and have no technical books, does the engine use and oil filter? If so where is it located?

Cadfael Offline


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26.07.2006 14:47
#2 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

Hi Chief,

I'm not good in technical things, but in this case I can answer ...

Go onto the right side of the Estrella (where your right foot is when you sit on the Estrella). At the front / right of the motor is an "quarter oval" plate.
Behind this plate is a second plate (I never opened it, but my mechanic was astouned about the second plate)! Behind this second plate is the oil filter.

Here is a link where you can find all Japanese Estrella explosion drawings!!!

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Dirk the duck Offline


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27.07.2006 11:26
#3 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

First you should drain the motor oil. After that unscrew the described outside plate (it is fixed with three screws. The inner plate is fixed with 2 screws, you should use a rag, when you remove it.
The oil filter itself is a paperfilter. You should get it in every motorbike accessory shop.
Changing oil without changing filter takes 1,8 l, with changing filter 2 l of oil.

chief ( Gast )

27.07.2006 14:19
#4 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

Thank You,
I found the filter.

Hanoi Star Offline


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04.11.2013 06:15
#5 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

What tools, specifically, are needed to change the oil filter? Approximately, how much time does it take to change the filter? Thanks in advance.

Soulie Offline

Der Laminator und Sattel-Max

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04.11.2013 17:12
#6 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

Five minutes, and You need a 8 mm Bit.

It's really easy to Change the filter.
But do it when changing oil.



Hanoi Star Offline


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06.11.2013 08:49
#7 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

Thank you Soulie. What filter do you recommend? K&N? As for oil, I assume 10W40. Both Castrol and Motul are available here. Many of the big bike riders use Motul.

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muz Offline


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07.11.2013 14:31
#8 RE: Estrella oil filter Antworten

HF123 for Kawasaki BJ250-
3,20€ euro
3000 4T 10W40 or
5100 4T 10W40

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