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15.01.2007 09:27
NEW Estrella 2007 - BJ250J Antworten

today / last night the new Kawasaki Estrella BJ250J for 2007 officially appeared in Japan!
So, the "J" version is a totally new version (H was a special edition of the D version)

What I noticed at first view:

1. A new / differnet double bench
2. Drum breaks rear and disk break in front
3. The disk break in front changed
4. Digital speedometer plus a rev counter
5. other handlebar ends and handles
6. "an ordinary horn"

7. and last but not least a different carburettor (with fuel injection?)

With this a grey import into Europe would be possible again???

I think it will be sold in Japan from 15th Februry on.

Here another photo ...
(seems to be different to W400/W650)



15.01.2007 10:20
#2 RE: NEW Estrella 2007 - BJ250J Antworten

Thanks for the info! The white/silver one is great. And the rev counter, with fuel lamp supposingly? But the digital display ruin the retro feel of this bike...

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15.01.2007 12:27
#3 RE: NEW Estrella 2007 - BJ250J Antworten


that's what most German riders think too!
A digital instrument on an Estrella?

The new 250TR BJ250K still has the old fashioned version!

By the way; there is no BJ250I?!
We have BJ250 "A" (only Germany), "B", "C", "D", "E", "F" (= 250TR), "G" + "H" (Limited Edition versions of C and D) and now the J and K - but no "I"?!


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