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The French Ant Offline


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19.09.2007 20:22
Accessories Antworten


I'm looking for the following articles:

I found these pictures on the japanese Estrella website.

Does someone know where I can buy them?

Thank you in advance!

Cadfael Offline


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21.09.2007 10:55
#2 RE: Accessories Antworten

Hello French Ant,

unfortunately only in Japan ...

The suitcases are Kappa or Givi suitcases I suppose.
But you can't get the holders in Europe. You might buy other holders and find someone who can change the fixtures.


the french ant ( Gast )

29.09.2007 11:48
#3 RE: Accessories Antworten

Hi Cadfael,

Thank you for your answer.

So I will try to find some other ones...

The french ant

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