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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
Andaman Offline


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15.04.2009 09:30
Does anyone have the service manual? Antworten

I nearly get the estella from shop.
Please send me the service manual by email
tankyou verymuch

Cadfael Offline


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15.04.2009 10:07
#2 RE: Does anyone have the service manual? Antworten

Hello Nantawat,

And welcome to our Forum!

Can you tell me something more about your Estrella?
How old is it and which model?

I know about the German Service Manual, but this is about a BJ250A (or B) from 1994. Not much things have changed until 1997, but it belongs to the type / model of Estrella you have.

The Service Manual (in German) is too big to be sent via email. I know someone in Thailand who has the German Service Manual on CD. If it makes sense with your Estrella, I might ask him to send you the CD.

Best wishes

Tracy Lee Offline


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18.07.2009 15:28
#3 RE: Does anyone have the service manual? Antworten

Hi -

This is a great website and really useful forum.

About the manual, I'd also really love to get one. English would be great, but German is okay too...

I'm in Japan, but my Japanese reading skills are not very good


motorino2001 Offline


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13.08.2009 10:07
#4 RE: Does anyone have the service manual? Antworten

Hi Andaman and Tracy Lee !!

For start here you got complete Spareparts pages in English with Drawings.
(and the original spareparts numbers)

So there you can zoom in the drawings to realy see the details !!

My best.

I only believe in things i can see / Ich glaube, nur in Dinge, die ich sehen kann.

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