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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
Tracy Lee Offline


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25.07.2009 10:36
Installing a New Seat Antworten

Hi all...

So, my Estrella (which is probably a 1992) came without any customizations. Well, just one - someone rolled the handle bars back (out), so I'll move them in again. But, I'd like to get a new, funky kind of single seat. By funky, I just mean a nice brown seat that lets me sit lower down.

I'm in Japan, and can likely find a seat.

My question is - what seats will fit my Estrella? How do I mount it? Will I need to buy new seat stays or anything if I buy a 'general' saddle? I found a cool saddle on the Japan Auction, and it simply says it's great for any bike. No pic of the underside. Here's the seat I'm looking at:

motorino2001 Offline


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13.08.2009 02:52
#2 RE: Installing a New Seat Antworten

Hallo Tracy Lee !!!

Look at the German part off the forum under "Estrella Bildergalerie" there you find a Guy with the nickname "Linus"

And you can see pictures off his own made solo seat,.and he is very good at English so i think he is the right guy to ask,.

myself i have been asking him in English and always got a fast and pleasant answer !!

And it is very OK to ask on English at the German pages as well

My best.

I only believe in things i can see / Ich glaube, nur in Dinge, die ich sehen kann.

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