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 Introducing Myself
diarmuid ( Gast )

18.11.2009 11:03
ireland Antworten

Hi everyone,

My name is diarmuid and i have my first motorbike about a month now. I have the trails version of the estrella, bj 250 tr, 2001, and have already done 500km on it...

Came across the bike by chance on an internet auction, never heard of an estrella bike, but loved the style of it and had to get it!

Linus Offline


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18.11.2009 11:19
#2 RE: ireland Antworten

Hi Diarmuid,

welcome! And show pictures of your Estrella, please.


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18.11.2009 18:17
#3 RE: ireland Antworten

Hello diarmuid,

the normal Estrella is rare in Europe, but the BJ250F / BJ250K is even harder to find!
Did you find the 250TR page?

Good luck with your "Off Road Estrella"!

And I agree! Photos!


I see (as administrator) that you have enrolled with a nickname. If you have any problems using the forum, send me an email or "cry for help" in this thread.

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26.11.2009 20:04
#4 RE: ireland Antworten

Hi this is diarmuid again, having difficulty using forum, had to log on with different user name, and don't have a clue to update photos!

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26.11.2009 20:23
#5 RE: ireland Antworten

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