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 Introducing Myself
chief ( Gast )

25.07.2006 15:02
Another hello from Japan Antworten

I am an American working in Japan as an engineer, I live in Yokohama. I bought an Estrella because of the looks and the reliability, I got tired of Harley-Davidson failures. I also
hold the rare honor of owning the only OSSA in Japan, some of you older rider with dirt experince will remember the OSSA as a Spanish dirt bike manufacturer. I own a 74 OSSA 250 Phantom and a 75 250 Desert Phantom, although old, they are restored and can give the new super-motard 250's run for their money.
I will post pictures soon, I bought the Estrella and immediately tore it apart to paint the frame, polish the engine and install new cables, spockets and chain.
If anyone needs help with parts please feel free to contact me. The big aftermaket Estrella
items in Japan seems to be, exhaust systems, turning signals, stainless steel brake hoses, gear levers and different headlamps.

Claire Offline


Beiträge: 71

26.07.2006 06:36
#2 RE: Another hello from Japan Antworten

Kia Ora Chief

Welcome to the site. Great to have another English speaker in the site.

It must be fantastic having access to all that after market gear. Here in NZ I have only ever heard of 2 other Estrellas. They were only ever brought in as grey imports so most dealers have never heard of them, their loss I say

Look forward to seeing some pictures soon.


Kiwis can fly!

wurzle ( Gast )

02.09.2006 18:47
#3 RE: Another hello from Japan Antworten

hi chief,
your offer of help with spares could be the end of a quiet life, remember no good deed goes unpunished!
so, the estrella i lust after is not available in germany, so i am looking at the idea of importing one, through the back door (england). it may be a lot to ask but.... can you give me an idea of the going price for a 2/3 year old, in good condition, drum brake model? and do you know of anyone icould deal with there (english speaking)?
i think i'm not the only fan that is interested in this idea.
thanks for any help. wurzle.


25.10.2006 18:25
#4 RE: Another hello from Japan Antworten

Hi Wurzle,

I'm from Hong Kong, we've got some decent 02 or 03 Estrella in the second hand market here. The price ranges from about $2500-$3000EUR depending on the condition.

I don't know if you find this price ok? I could check how to export the bikes...

Ryan Schmidt Offline


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09.11.2009 05:02
#5 RE: Another hello from Japan Antworten


How goes it? I'm glad that I found you!! Oddly enough I'm a Gunnery Sergeant statione din Yuma, AZ. As far as I know, I have the only Estrella here in the states. Are you on a global e-mail through the Navy that I can reach you on? My work e-mail is I'm going to take you up on your offer for parts!! I'm trying to get my hands on a front fender license plate mount, luggage rack and a stock seat. Please let me know what you cando. Thanks!!


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