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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
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12.09.2005 15:02
SOS from Singapore Antworten
Hi everybody,

This is Cadfael, writing on behalf of CBH from Singapore.
I enroled for him but I hope he will learn how to handle the German forum and write for himself next time! Hope you can help him! Here is the text of his email:

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Nice to contact you.
I have a estrella BJ250 manufactured in 1993.
My mechanic told me the parts need renewable and wonder you can advice me:
1) rocker arm
2) piston or piston ring
3) cam
4) clutch plate and assembly of compenonents.
5) caburettor

My bike can only reach about 50 Kmph and its like killing the machine at that speed. I have the tuppet adjusted but of little help.

I just wonder if the parts are available in your country.

CBH, Singapore

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12.09.2005 18:53
#2 RE: SOS from Singapore Antworten

well; that doesn't sound good at all!

Let me start with
5: Your Estrella must be a B1 or B2, so a imported from Japan.
The German Estrellas have a different carburettor! With only 17PS (HP), different needle and head. There are surely different part numbers, too! No way to help you!
But maybe Rodorinx or a Japanese reader can???

I think that all other items should be the same in the early Japanese B-versions and the German A-version. The A2 came out in 1994, 2 years after the start of the B1 in Japan.

I can send you a CD with pictures and part numbers on it. Don't know if this will help?!

You surely have Kawasaki dealers in Singapore. Can't they help you? If you need a new piston (German = Kolben) and / or piston ring, a Kawasaki dealer or a well equipped workshop should do the work! Same with the cam (German = Nockenwelle)!

But 50 kmph sounds real bad!

"Der Gelbe Ulrich" from the Netherlands bought an exchange piston some weeks ago. But the bore has to be enlarged a bit and that's really tricky! The main Kawasaki stock for whole Europe meanwhile is in the Netherlands.
But I think it causes big problems to buy them in Germany or the Netherlands! Is there no way to get the parts at a Kawasaki dealer in Singapore? Maybe you try to get into contact with shops in Hong Kong?!

Well; the more precise you ask or describe your problem, the better we can answer.

Best regards
(and wishes for reanimating your Estrella)

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16.09.2005 17:43
#3 RE: SOS from Singapore Antworten


might these things from Beet help you?
Looks quite good I suppose ...

There are some more parts on the Beet Website.

Best regards

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