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 Introducing Myself
Cadfael Offline


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02.11.2005 20:35
Greetings to Norway! Antworten

Hi Roger,

thanx for your email!
It would be great to hear from you here at the forum!

Hope you'll find a way to get a brand new Estrella from Japan.
Another way would be to buy one in Germany - but the shipment would surely be very expensive.

Well; German Estrellas already live in Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and NEW ZEALAND!


Cadfael Offline


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23.01.2006 23:15
#2 RE: Greetings to Norway! Antworten

Hi everybody,

I received an email from Norway.
Tor, a Norwegian Meguro rider!!!
Here is his mail (with permission):

My name are Tor and I come from Norway.
Please find attached a picture of my 1960 Meguro 125cc.
I found your Estrelle site yesterday and found a link to Japan.
Great web pages.

Hello Andreas
Do you have any contacts in Japan?
I am trying to get some info about the Meguro, if it,s original?
The bike was imported from Malaysia.
The bike are complet and running.

Can anybody help Tor?
Does anyone know a Meguro website or another Meguro fan who can help Tor?


Claire Offline


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25.01.2006 10:50
#3 RE: Greetings to Norway! Antworten

Hi Tor

Greeting from New Zealand.

The bike looks great and it's kept inside thats very funny.

How long have you had the bike?


Kiwis can fly!

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