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Cadfael Offline


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24.11.2005 08:55
ESTRELLA MODELS 2006 Antworten

here are the four new Estrellas 2006 (Kawasaki news came out last night).
3 C-models and 1 D-model. 3 colour and looks have been the same before! So, maybe a "best of"?!

The colour orange was available in the first two years of the Estrella, but with two different signs! This sign / logo is the logo normally used for "Limited Edition" models during the last years.

I can't read Japanese, but I think it says they come into the shops from 15th December 2005 on.

For nearer information also look here:


Cadfael Offline


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16.03.2006 10:31
#2 RE: ESTRELLA MODELS 2006 Antworten

Hi everybody,

The Estrella RS Limited Edition Model 2006 ( BJ250G6F ) is online!
It will be available in Japan from 20th April on.

It seems that Kawasaki doesn't want to carry on with the BJ250H (based on the D-version).

Here is the photo:


Andy Offline


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16.03.2006 20:07
#3 RE: ESTRELLA MODELS 2006 Antworten
I see the title: ESTRELLA MODELS 2006 ,

and think "nice models" ???

but there are only bikes, no nice girls !!!

so long

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