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 Introducing Myself
Bradley Stoker Offline


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27.07.2019 20:33
Bradley Stoker Antworten


Thanks for letting me join this forum, I have found much useful information already.
I have just bought a 2005 bike, what I believe to be a D10 model, with drum brakes.

It would be useful to know if the oil filter and spark plugs are the same as the earlier bikes.

I have previously owned a W650, a lovely machine but too heavy for me, I'm hoping that the 250 will suit me better.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I live in Bristol, England.

Thanks and best wishes


Cadfael Offline


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27.07.2019 20:50
#2 RE: Bradley Stoker Antworten

Hi Bradley,

I passed Bristol 20 years ago on the way to Newport...
Made 5 holidays in England in the 1990s and 2000s. Maybe you know the "Cadfael" whodunnits by Ellis Peters (situated in Shropshire)???

99% of the members in our forum have German Estrellas from 1994 to 1998. So, I Think no one knows the answer???
But I think Kawasaki changed as less as possible - only adding the KLEEN cat and other later systems. The motor itself and the plugs stayed the same. But this is only a theory!

Have a lot of fun here!!!

Soulie Offline

Der Laminator

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29.07.2019 18:28
#3 RE: Bradley Stoker Antworten

Hi Bradley,
welcome here. Compared to the W 650 the Estrella handles like a bicycle. I am als thinking of selling my W 650, because ist's too heavy, and my garage is too small. The little one (Itella) is being used almost every day. I love her, although I'm much too tall for the small machine. That's why I changed some items (saddle, fotpegs).
Have fun with your Estrella and here among the other enthousiasts.


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