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 Introducing Myself
RonanG Offline


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03.09.2019 20:48
Hello from Ireland Antworten

Greeting from a new owner of an old Estrella.

I have just bought a '98 Japanese BJ250.

I would like to identify my bike, 035382. It appears from the table that it could be a B,C,D or E. However the tank colours limit that to a B6 or D3.

Finally, if anyone has a maintenance manual I would be grateful, even it it is not the right model, I'm sure many of the parts are common.


Cadfael Offline


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03.09.2019 22:42
#2 RE: Hello from Ireland Antworten

Hi Ronan,

And greetings from Germany to Ireland!

Can you post a photo of your Estrella?
Many Estrellas from Japanese have been customized. So, maybe it is a mixture of different Estrellas.

You receive an email regarding the manual...

Best regards

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