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 Estrella Technik
Syko Offline


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10.06.2020 12:36
Clutch Plates Antworten

I'm about to renew the clutch on my D5 Estrella. I can get the friction plates here in England. But I want to replace the steel plates at the same time. I'm told by the supplier that there are 2 thicknesses of steel plate. 1.6mm and 2mm. I haven't dismantled the clutch yet. So does anyone know which thickness steel plates I need for the clutch. The bike is a 2000 D5 if that helps.

Cheers. Syko

Scharlachdorn Offline


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10.06.2020 15:01
#2 RE: Clutch Plates Antworten

Good afternoon,

there is really no need to replace the steel plates unless you find them in bend condition or teeth worn (both unlikely).

For some strange reason both plates are in the Estrella next to each other i.e. total steel plate thickness effectively 3,6 mm.



Syko Offline


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11.06.2020 15:10
#3 RE: Clutch Plates Antworten

Hi SD.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll forge ahead and see what shape they are in on dismantling.

Cheers Syko

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