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Norbritt Offline


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25.04.2022 22:16
Thanks to the Forum Antworten

I am what you refer to as a 'newbee'. I purchased my Ella 10 months ago to replace a Kawasaki W 650 that was getting a bit too heavy for an old man. There are probably only about 6 or so BJ250s' in England so information on them was non existent. My machine or though running and with an Mot certificate ( British version of what I think you call a TUV) was certainly not running properly, no idle jerky acceleration etc. The previous owner had had a local motorcycle workshop clean and adjust the carburetor but obviously with little success. I had decided to have the fuel tank relined to eliminate rust particles and whilst this was happening I joined the Forum and with the useful information I discovered there set about getting things set up correctly. I discovered that the air filter had been removed, the spark plug was black indicating a far too rich mixture and the jets did not seem to have been looked at. The main jet was a #128 and fortunately the slide, diaphragm, and needle all seemed to be in good. From CMS N I purchased a new #35 idle jet, a #125 main jet, needle holder and from the internet an extended type idle screw that makes adjusting the idle mixture very easy. I did not remove the carburetor from the engine just detached the throttle cables and rotated the carburetor through 90 degrees from where I could detach the float bowl and cleaning and blowing through everything with an aerosol duster replace the various jets. Noting from the Forum the importance of correct valve clearances I set these up as indicated (they were both too tight). My engine originally had a heater system but this had been removed and I made no attempt to locate one some bikes never had them. I took note of all the carburetor adjustment available on the internet and set the mixture screw at 1/.5 turns open for a starting point. With the tank re-fitted and some fuel she started immediately. Over several test rides I adjusted the mixture so the idle is now nice and steady at about 900 rpm with the mixture screw set at 2/three quarters open as per the Japanese setting for this engine. The spark plug is the correct color and the bike accelerates well, idles properly and gives about 2.8 to3/100 consumption. Thanks Estrella Forum

Soulie Offline

Der Laminator und Sattel-Max

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26.04.2022 10:00
#2 RE: Thanks to the Forum Antworten

Congratulations, Norbritt! Well done!
Enjoy your rides with the now renewed Estrella.

Cheers from Hamburg

Scharlachdorn Offline


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26.04.2022 12:22
#3 RE: Thanks to the Forum Antworten


actually a #40 (or at least 38) idle jet is the better choice as 35 was chosen to better meet emission criteria. It will run on lean limit and will give you no margin. The difference between 125 & 128 is very small and should not be reason for a black spark plug tip.



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