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Estrellitan Offline


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04.02.2006 09:11
Environmetal protection,,, etc. and future of motorcycle: Antworten
Hello everybody and Andreas!
I know we have to do our best to protect our environment and we're facing with a big limit to use fossil fuel. Recently some(or many) car manufactures have moved to develop and produce "a hybrid car(gas & fuel cell). Then, I'd like to know what the motorcycle future will be? Although a small motorcycle and it's still on development, a total fuel cell motorcycle is tested. It'll be a strange
motorcycle, because it moves "without sounds" like a wind. I think near future motorcycle world we love Estrella and others will be changed or have to be changed for protect our Earth. Nnnnnnnn.... Estrella disappear.... W650 also...
finally we'd find Fossil of Estrella... W650... Harley Davidson....??
I hope an excellent techonology is born. I'd like to listen to a lot of opinions.

Thank you.

Cadfael Offline


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04.02.2006 12:44
#2 RE: Environmetal protection,,, etc. and future of motorcycle: Antworten

Hello Estrellitan,

a very interesting topic!

Enviromental protection has been an important topic in Germany for 25 years now.
Germany was governed by the Social Democrats (Labour party) and Green Party (ecological party) for 8 years till end of last year.
You can surely argue about what this brought to our country.

But also the EC /EU (European Community / Union) forces the European countries to do more for enviromental protection.
That the main reason why we can't import the 2006 Estrella to Germany because we now have the EURO III emission restrictions.
The restrictions meant the end for the GPZ500S and many other bikes in Germany.

Some of our forum members (especially Blund and I) would import a 2006 Estrella as Grey Import from Japan if there weren't the EURO III restrictions.

Even though Germany is the "country of the cars" our car builders slept much too long! Japan and France are muh better and faster in Diesel emission cleaning and the Toyota hybrid technology has been a major topic!

It is unbelievable that we still have no speed limits on many German motorways but the car lobby is very strong here.

The European motorcycle builder still sleep and trust in old technology. They only do what must be done because of EU restrictions (or does anyone know better?).

Maybe we'll get motorcycles with built in digital sound processors which make the motorcycles sound like the old machines?!


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