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Cadfael Offline


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06.09.2005 07:01
New ER-6f Antworten

Hi everybody,

Kawasaki introduces a new motorbike!
The "naked" ER-6n and the "covered" ER-6f

Here is the British kawa website:

I haven't found her on the Australien website so far, but a brochure talks of colour variations for Australia?!
Might be a big deal for Kawasaki! Top design and new technology ...


Estrellitan Offline


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05.02.2006 09:05
#2 RE: New ER-6f Antworten

Hi, Andreas!
According to the spec., it's cleared the "Euro 3 regulation" using fuel injection system. Not only in Europe, but in Japan, the regulation is getting severe year by year. I've heard almost motorcycle would not be able to survive if their engineering is not developed for clear the regulation like "Euro 3" etc.... Our Estrella and W650 are in the same situation I think. If the fuel injection system is useful, I want Kawasaki to use it for Estrella and W650, even if a temporal measure to reduce CO2. Nox gas etc....
It may be a big theme.

Thank you.

Cadfael Offline


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05.02.2006 09:44
#3 RE: New ER-6f Antworten

Hi Estrellitan,

We shouldn't forget, that the Estrella (it's main parts) celebrates its 15th Birthday next year!
There were changes in the motor in Japan, but up-to-date technologie with fuel injection and a 3-way-kat (don't know if foreigners understand the expression - translated from German) would mean big changes.

In 1996, the Estrella had much better enviromental data than most other bikes! The Estrella fullfilled "Euro 1" 2 or 3 years before introduction. But that's 10 years ago.

As far as I have heard, 2006 is the last year for the W650 in Europe.
Because of the restrictions. So, only Triumph, ENFIELD and URAL survive, building Retro bikes for Europe.

I wonder what technology the W400 will have!
If Kawasaki wants to sell it more than 5 years, it should have fuel injection and a 3-way-kat.


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