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 Introducing Myself
Luc ( Gast )

18.07.2006 23:10
Welcome to Belgium Antworten

Hi everybody,

First of all, I want to apologise because of my bad English, but my mother tong is French.

I have just bought an Estrella 1998 for my wife (and a little bit for me !)
This red bike has 13500 km, and is really like new.
I came back from Brussel to my home today (my first 40 km) and I really enjoy this bike.

I have motorcycles form more than 35 years (I let you think about my age...)
And during this period, I collect several bikes but never sell it.
(BSA 125 1949, Matchless 350 G3L 1951, 2 Norton Comando 1971 & 1973, Honda CB450 1970 and CB500 1996,
Triumph Trophy 1200 1998, and some other (Yamaha XT500, Kawa KLE500)

I share this passion with my wife and my son (who is also riding now).
2 years ago, I bought the Honda CB500 for my wife, but she find it too heavy and is a little bit afraid when riding it. It is the reason why I bought the Esterella, and she already love it.

I found your site wonderful, and I am confident it will help us to better know this lovely bike

Best regards

Cadfael Offline


Beiträge: 3.395

19.07.2006 08:14
#2 RE: Welcome to Belgium Antworten

Hello Luc,

ly welcome to our forum!
You English is very good!

We have more than one lady and gentleman in your age in our forum!
The bikes you had before sound really great! I think the Matchless or BSA would be my favourite.

After what you told, choosing the Estrella was a very good idea I think. It is handy as a bicycle and if you have fear on the Estrella, you have fear on any motorbike. Hope you won't argue too much with your wife who can ride the Estrella!


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