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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
phil Offline


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30.10.2006 16:27
The Estrella life-span! Antworten


1. Has anyone replaced the clutch plates on an Estrella? My clutch, after 27,000 kms is slipping. Is this a typical life of a clutch, or would you expect it to last for longer?

2 I am interested to know what is the highest mileage Estrella in the Forum, and what major repairs have been done to keep the bike on the road.

For the highest mileage Estrella I can offer a prize of free en suite accommodation in a nice villa in Dubai for one week. Good company included (me and my family). Sorry, can't pay the air fare!!


Dirk the duck Offline


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30.10.2006 18:01
#2 RE: The Estrella life-span! Antworten
After 27000 km without a sidecar? Wow, that's hard. My Solo has nearly 27000 km and the clutch is as new. I know only one case of slipping clutch (without using synthetic oil), that was after 50000 km.

On my sidecar-Estrella I'm going to change the clutch plates in about 3000 km, then she has 30000 km.

Major repair was changing the piston after 17000 km, caused by inadequate maintenance by previous owner. At that opportunity I also changed the cam chain and the valve shank gaskets (You should think about it also when you (let) change the cam chain).

Think it would be great to stay one week in Dubai, but I guess, 27500 km for each of my Estrellas wo'nt be the most . Maybe the ways I've done with the sidecar should count double . Or both Estrellas should be counted together. That would be 55000 km for my Estrellas .
Another possibility would be the drivers Kilometers on Estrella .

The highest mileage should have Stadtratte (Michael) I think. I remember something about more than 100000 km.

Cadfael Offline


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30.10.2006 18:32
#3 RE: The Estrella life-span! Antworten


yes, Stadtratte (means "city rat") from Berlin has more than 110.000 km.
But he has the second engine now I think. He changed it after about 50.000 km.


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