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 Introducing Myself
Kathleen Offline


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11.05.2007 23:20
Hello from Ireland Antworten

I just bought my estrella. From the kawasaki estrella site, I reckon its a BJ250 B. Runs sooo smoothly. I'm a happy lass!

Edit... It's an import from Japan.
dergelbeulrich Offline


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12.05.2007 00:33
#2 RE: Hello from Ireland Antworten
hi there!

Welcome to THE Estrella forum. Good to see that it is expanding westwards as well. I must confess that I envy you for the nice roads you have on your island, even though visibility can sometimes be a problem. Been there a couple of times - never by motorbike, always either 4-wheeled or sailing. Never disappointed. Only complaint (recent) : too much Heineken in the pubs; we've got this over here already for a long time, and in my humble opinion it's far from being the real stuff.

But I understand you got an Estrella directly from Japan, i.e not via Germany ??!!! This is extremely rare. How old is it ? The website prepared by our skilled Estrella webmaster tells me that the B model was built until 1999, and the colour could tell you the year. The reason I ask is because two years ago I've seen an F model on an UK website and I was pretty close to buying it. I really should have done it, but budget was a bit tight then. So, if there are more, preferably recent ones, popping up in your area, just let me know .
Cadfael Offline


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12.05.2007 10:58
#3 RE: Hello from Ireland Antworten
Hello Kathleen,

welcome to our Estrella forum!
You made a good decision!

Do you have any photo of the Estrella?
You can also send me photos ( ) and I will put them in here if it is easyer for you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems using the forum.

I have never been to Ireland, but I have always enjoyed riding through England, Wales and the Isle of Man.

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