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 Estrella Maintenance & Technology
swedephotog Offline


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09.07.2007 21:16
Low battery or?? Antworten
Good evening!
I have the last week ridden my Estrella to work, which is not a very long way. Suddenly one day the bike just didn´t start. The battery was strong enough to get the starter working and it didn´t feel like it was turning slow. Push starting made the engine start easily (why didn´t the factory put a kickstart on it?). My question is, could it be that the battery is good enough to turn the engine but not leaving enough to the ignition?? Anyone experienced something like that on an Estrella? (I have had that problem on my Ducati 600 Pantah)

Mikko in Sweden.
Cadfael Offline


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09.07.2007 22:58
#2 RE: Low battery or?? Antworten

Hello Mikko,

the only situations which remind me of your problem:
When I forget the pull the choke at the carburettot ...

After some weeks of standing, I pull the choke and turn the fuel onto "PRE". It might be that it takes to or three times, but then the engine starts.

I hope the "Yellow Ulrich" or Dirk will read this. They have much more knowlidge about the engine.


swedephotog Offline


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10.07.2007 22:02
#3 RE: Low battery or?? Antworten

Hello again!
Now I have charged the battery so it has 12,8 volts. I managed to get the bike started again, but it took some time. When the engine is running (also on higher revs) I get 13,8 volts on the battery poles. Is that normal, or should it be more like 14-15 volts then (should I suspect a faulty regulator-rectifier)???

regards again
Mikko in Sweden

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