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Cadfael Offline


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16.02.2006 15:25
#16 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten

Hi YoYo,

I think the advantage of the W400 is that it looks bigger.
Gives young people in Japan the possibility to ride a bike which looks like a 400+ bike.
I think Kawasaki will sell a lot of "W650" decails (signs) in Japan.

Hi Masayuki,

the feedback about the W400 is not good in Germany (as far as I can see). A W800 or W900 would be welcomed!
In 1998 I wondered if I shall sell my Estrella and buy a W650 - but only until I saw the W650. The Estrella looks much better (to me).

I hope you and the other Japanese members will tell us how the W400 starts and sells in Japan.


YoYo Offline


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17.02.2006 07:27
#17 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten

Hello Masayuki,
it is very interesting to hear your opinion. All german members of this and the W 650 - forum think, the w 400 is overweighted and underpowered. You don´t think 193 kg is a bit too much? When I was young (some 30 years ago), I had a 250ccm MZ with 17 PS. It weighed about 130 kg. So that´s what I´m used to. Today I always have to be very careful when pushing my W 650 into the garage. I´m not Arnold Schwarzenegger and always fear it might want to lay down. The w 400 will be fast enough, of course, in comparison with the Estrella. But the handling?
Best regards,

Masayuki Offline


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17.02.2006 11:56
#18 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten


In Japan,when selling W400,Kawasaki is doing a merchandising campaign.
It finds that Kawasaki is putting an effort into the sale of W400 as far as it sees the campaign.
In W400,if selling much,saying Kawasaki doesnt make W250,I hope.
I,too think that W400 is heavy and that it doesnt speed up too much.
However,because it is not a motorcycle with the type to enjoy by letting out a speed,it may be good exactly in this rank.
The taking turn is terrible because it is heavy but it thinks that it becomes somehow if accustomed.

The truth I has the feelings to want W400.
However,in Japan,in the engine displacement,I gave up to buy because the check which was specified by the law every 2 years was obligated for about the motorcycle above 400cc and theto that depending fee was terrible.

,I have Estrella.
Estrella tells the pleasure which takes a motorcycle to me.
Because the weight,too,is good exactly.


Estrellitan Offline


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18.02.2006 06:20
#19 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten

Hi Anreas and everybody!!
As Yoyo and german forum members think, it's too much overweighted(dry weight:193kgs!!!) for its capacity 399cc. I don't agree with kawasaki's way. I prefer light weight one like Estrella. The W400's riding feeling may be "good" or better than Estrella and may have a different feeling from W650 for its short stroke engine, but I can't ignore the easy handling when I push it into my garage or I face with engine trouble on road and I have to push it.
If I have a chance of Trial Riding, I'd like to do that, but this moment I don't feel so W400's advantage against W650 nor Estrella.
Anyway I wait for the real W400 and I may have a different impression.

Thank you.

dergelbeulrich Offline


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18.02.2006 13:09
#20 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten
Could it be that Kawasaki is aiming towards those people who would normally also consider the Honda "shadow400", Suzuki "Intruder400" , Kawa "drifter400" or Yamaha "dragster400" ?? Somewhat lighter (less than 200 kg, while the choppers are more in the 210-240 kg), somewhat less power, but much easier handling, specially in urban trafic.
The risk might be that it ends up in-between two well defined groups, somewhere in a no-man's-land .
Anyway, too much guessing - time will show.


nanardos ( Gast )

24.04.2006 00:07
#21 RE: Kawasaki W400 / Estrella 400 Antworten

I don't think the W400 would be a hit in France.
It sort of looks a bit "clumsy" between the Estrella and the W650

More a marketing product than a bike with its own personality
in my opinion.

I would rather believe that the TR 250 (light and handsome)
would be a real hit if it was sold in Europe - what do you thinhk ?

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